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Monday 5 September 2022 – Friday 2 June 2023

Bishopstown Rates

Standard Room

Full Payment option:

€5394.00To be paid by 24 Aug 2022

Part Payment option – 2 Instalments:

€3527.00To be paid by 24 Aug 2022
€1967.00To be paid by 16 Nov 2022

Deluxe Room

Full Payment option:

€6369.00To be paid by 24 Aug 2022

Part Payment option – 2 Instalments:

€4127.00To be paid by 24 Aug 2022
€2342.00To be paid by 16 Nov 2022
€300.00Booking DepositTo be paid on booking to secure room
€400.00Electricity DepositTo be paid by 24 August 2022
€300.00Service ChargeTo be paid by 24 August 2022 (non-refundable)

* Accommodation can only be paid by full or part payment.

** The Electricity Deposit is due with the Accommodation Fees to cover electricity charges for the duration of the stay.  Meter reads are submitted by DeansHall to the supplier at the start and at the end of the License agreement dates. Meters are also read by the supplier during the academic year when or how often this occurs is at the discretion of the supplier . Several bills are estimated, again the frequency of these estimated bills is at the discretion of the supplier and is not controlled by Deanshall.  The Electricity Supply Company issues bills to DeansHall Apartments every two months the date of issue of these bills is decided by the electricity supplier; payment due for the billing period is divided by the number of licensed residents in an apartment and then their share is deducted from their Electricity deposit and paid. Each apartment receives a copy of the bill, for personal records only, showing the breakdown of charges. Please note that we do not set the electricity tariff nor do we have any control over the resident’s usage of electricity.                                                                                                                                                       

Any balance of the Electricity Deposit that is not required in connection with electricity charges will, if required, be applied towards any outstanding licence fee due.

Keys to the accommodation cannot be issued until the electricity supply deposit is paid in full. Should a student terminate their stay before the license agreement end date, the student will be charged for electricity up until the date the key(s) for their accommodation are returned to DeansHall.

Any credit remaining will be refunded with the Security Deposit refund, normally within eight weeks from date of departure.

Any underpayment will be due at the end of the accommodation Licence Agreement and prior to departure.

Any balance due in respect of electricity on termination of this Agreement shall be deducted from any sum to credit of the Security Deposit.

***Non–Refundable Charges  Service charges are non-refundable and covers TV license, Refuse and Internet. 

A Booking Deposit of €300 is required to reserve a room at DeansHall.


Cancellation Policy:

First Years:

€150 of the Booking Deposit is refunded subject to written cancellation of the booking by August 17th 2022. After August 17th, the deposit is non-refundable.

Non-First Years:

€150 of the Booking Deposit is refunded subject to written cancellation of the booking by July 25th, 2022. After July 25th, the deposit is non-refundable.


Booking deposit of €300 will be held as a Security Deposit and will be refunded at the end of the license agreement to residents by August 1st, 2023, subject to Apartment Inspection. The apartment and contents must be left in a satisfactory condition.

The Booking Deposit cannot be refunded if a resident moves into DeansHall and then leaves before the end of the License Agreement.


Licence Agreements will be posted to the address submitted on the system on booking once booking is confirmed. Please read the agreement carefully, sign and return to Management before check-in. Please ensure the guarantor also signs the designated pages and send to us an email stating their agreement to act as guarantor.

N.B. All residents are responsible for accommodation payments for the full duration of the license. If a resident wishes to cancel during the Licence Agreement, they will need to furnish Management with the minimum Termination Notice of 28 days. Notice will need to be made in writing.

Management can provide a minimum of 28 days’ notice* to end a tenancy agreement with a student tenant.

*(Note: Students can be given 7 days’ notice in serious cases involving dangerous behaviour including where there is a threat to life or a threat to the fabric of the dwelling.

DeansHall reserves the right to refuse applications.

Accommodation keys can ONLY be issued if all payments due have been processed prior to arrival, signed license agreement received and passport photo uploaded to the Student Portal.

Late Fee Charge: Please note there will be a late fee charge for any rent payments that are not received on the due dates – no exceptions will be made. Please see our full terms and conditions.

For parking details, please contact reception.

Monthly payment plans are an option for the Academic Year 2022/23. If you have any queries please contact us directly.



Non-First Year License Agreements.
First Year Only License Agreements.

Terms & Conditions


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