DeansHall CCTV Policy

1: Who We Are ?

Deanshall is a provider of student accommodation and we use CCTV to monitor our premises.

2: Why we collect it ?

Deanshall uses closed circuit television (CCTV) images to monitor and provide a safe and secure  environment for employees, students and visitors to the complex and to protect company and student property.

3: Who has Access ?

Access to, and disclosure of, images recorded on CCTV is restricted to staff and the security companies Catch and Top Security. In some circumstances, if An Garda Siochana are investigating an incident, CCTV footage may also be accessed by them.  This ensures that the rights of individuals are protected.  Images can only be disclosed in accordance with the purposes for which they were originally collected.

4: How do we retain and store ?

The company’s CCTV facility records images only.  There is no audio recording. Images that are stored on media are erased or destroyed once the purpose of the recording is no longer relevant.  In normal circumstances, this will be a period of 30 days. Where a law enforcement agency is investigating a crime, images may need to be retained for a longer period.

5: How do you contact us ?

You can write to us to request a copy of our CCTV policy for both complexes at

The Manager,
Crosses Green
Cork City
Tel: 021 4312623