Electricity Deposit:

An Electricity Deposit is due with the Accommodation fees to cover electricity charges for the duration of stay. Any balance of the Electricity Deposit not required in connection with electricity charges will be applied towards any outstanding licence fee due. Keys to accommodation cannot be issued until/unless the electricity supply deposit is paid in full. Electricity Bills are issued to each apartment every month/two months. Any credit remaining will be refunded with Security Deposit refunds, normally within eight weeks from date of departure. Please note any underpayment will be due at the end of the accommodation contract and prior to departure. Any balance due in respect of Electricity on termination of this Agreement shall be deducted from any sum to credit of the Security Deposit.

Service Charge:

Service Charges are required along with the accommodation fees. Service Charges are non-refundable and cover costs for TV license, refuse & water charges.

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